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Ontime Onboard Courier GmbH

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Professionally Accompanied Onboard CourierTransportation Services. Global. Anytime. Anywhere. Stem Cells save Lives! An extraordinary high level of trustworthiness ensures also, that transports requested on short notice will be carried out quickly and reliably from pickup to delivery. For more than 15 years, our team stands for the highest quality, with absolute reliability and flexibility. Our renowned national and international customers know to appreciate our celerity, and our individual guidance while being responsible for their transport orders. You will receive your order confirmation within the shortest period of time. We are known for sending courier and travel information within one hour of notice. We exclusively send out one courier for each patient, donor and transport. This dedicated courier is responsible throughout the entire transport of the transplant, which includes personal pickup at the Collection Center, supervision through all stages of the transport and personal handing over of the product at the Transplant Center. In the event additional couriers are needed for a transport because of medical reasons, we gladly support you with this request. Imprint/Impressum: Privacy Policy/Datenschutz:

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